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Blue Ridge, GA 30513
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Population: 1,290
Senate District: 17
House District: 99
Congressional District: 9
Classification: Second Class City
18 Volunteer Fire Fighters
City Fire Rating: Class 5 

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City Calendar

Litterbusters Clean-Up on Ada Street

Event Location

Ada Street
Start Date

5/04/2019 09:00 AM
End Date

5/04/2019 11:00 AM

Litterbusters Clean-up / Ada Street

Sat., May 4, 9-11am

Meet at Fannin Animal Control, 1001 Industrial Park Rd.


As a follow-up to our successful clean up on Aska Road, Fannin Litterbusters has scheduled a second event to clean up litter along the five-mile course of Ada Street in Blue Ridge and Fannin County.

Please join us, Fannin Litterbusters and partners, to stem the tide of litter in this beautiful mountain county:

  •         DATE: Saturday, May 4, 9-11am; meet at Fannin Animal Control, 1001 Industrial Park Rd.


  •        CLEAN-UP LOCATION: Ada Street, including the section inside the Blue Ridge city limits as well as the section in the county.

  •       VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Responsible adults are urged to demonstrate their civic and patriotic pride by volunteering for these clean-up efforts. Volunteers are also encouraged to consider participation in Fannin County's Adopt-a-Road program

  •       SAFETY: Due to safety issues when working close to roadways, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to participate. For the clean-up event, volunteers are encouraged to have drinking water, safety vests and work gloves. Bags will be provided.

NOTE: This is potentially hazardous work along active roadways and participation is at your own risk; Litterbusters and partners assume no liability for participants in this volunteer effort.


PARTNERS: Fannin County Government, City of Blue Ridge, North Georgia Resource Management Authority, Fannin County Chamber of Commerce, Advanced Disposal Services, local businesses / organizations, residents and other concerned parties.

QUESTIONS? Contact Marie Woody, Chief Officer of Fannin County Land Development, 706-258-5170.


Besides looking trashy, littering / dumping is illegal, encourages more littering / dumping, reflects badly on our community, decreases property values, reduces economic growth, encourages crime, is a highway safety issue, harms natural resources and costs huge amounts of taxpayer money for clean-up and enforcement.

Let's all pitch in to clean up Fannin County!


Litter Clean-up Safety Rules & Reminders

  •          Wear bright colored clothing or a safety vest.
  •          Wear gloves when picking up litter.
  •          Stay hydrated.
  •          Pay close attention to traffic.
  •          Be careful picking up glass, cans or other objects with sharp edges.
  •          Do NOT pick up bottles with metal or tin foil inside which may be drug paraphernalia
  •         Ask for help if you need it, especially with heavy objects.
  •          Keep an eye out for snakes, scorpions & spiders during litter pick-up.
  •          Pat yourself on the back for being a good citizen!







According to Keep America Beautiful ("Litter in America Factsheet," January 2010), those under 30 are more likely to litter than those over 30. Communities can reduce their litter rate by

  •          demonstrating a preference for a litter-free community through on-going efforts to keep litter cleaned up
  •         setting a standard of caring for the community through improving and beautifying public areas
  •         stressing individual responsibility for keeping the community clean through messages that emphasize social disapproval of littering



It is illegal under Georgia statute and Fannin County ordinance to litter or dump garbage.

Fannin County has a stringent solid waste ordinance, which applies to littering, dumping, and hauling waste; violators are subject to fines of $410 to $1000 and possible jail time. [Fannin County Solid Waste Ordinance, Chapter 58 of the Fannin County Code of Ordinances]

Anyone hauling a load in Fannin County must secure and cover the load; if not in compliance, the load will be refused at the disposal site.

Citizens witnessing anyone littering, dumping or hauling an unsecured load can report it to Fannin County Land Development at 706-258-5170. For a citation to be issued to the violator, witnesses must provide their name / address / phone number and be willing to appear in court as a witness.

Witnesses are asked to provide as much information as possible, such as name of company if commercial, vehicle tag number, location of the incident, and pictures if available.

Georgia littering statutes state that it is unlawful for anyone to deposit litter or to allow littering on any public or private property or waters in the state. Violators are subject to fines up to $1000 and jail sentences up to 12 months. The driver of the vehicle involved is responsible for any trash that escapes the vehicle. [O.C.G.A. §16-7-42, §16-7-43, §40-6-249]

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