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Public Safety

The City of Blue Ridge, Georgia was incorporated in the year 1856. Since the day of the one horse; one officer era, the Blue Ridge Police Department has grown to a 14 man department with each officer certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission. The police department is manned seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. It is located in one of the oldest landmarks in the City of Blue Ridge, at 301 Church Street. The police department is led by Chief Johnny Scearce. Chief Scearce has held this position since 1991, longer than any other chief in the city’s history.

The police department provides the citizens of Blue Ridge with every service that a larger city provides. We offer quality patrol in the neighborhoods and we have traffic patrol certified in all speed detection devices to control the flow of traffic throughout the city’s jurisdiction. Our officers are dedicated to reducing accidents on the city streets and state highways. The traffic division has a superb D.U.I. enforcement team that has had several officers recognized and awarded by the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers organization. The department also boasts of a very low crime rate within the City of Blue Ridge. Of the crimes that do occur an average of 80% are solved with arrests and convictions.

The police department also prides itself with interactive community work such as helping organizations with traffic control and security at all events held within the city limits. The department often sends officers to speak publicly to area groups and local schools. We also provide morning and afternoon traffic control for all the schools in the city limits.

Chief Scearce

"As Chief of Police it has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to serve in this position since 1991. In my tenure I have seen many positive changes in our growing city. With this growth, I am proud to say that this city is still one of the most beautiful areas to live and one of the safest places to raise a family. I am very proud of our police department for the dedication and service it provides to the public. Please feel free to call my office at anytime." - Chief Scearce

Blue Ridge Police Department
Motto: "Proud to Protect but Dedicated to Serve"

Blue Ridge Police Department:
301 Church St
Blue Ridge, GA 30513