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City Administrator

City Administrator

Eric M. Soroka, City Administrator

City Administrator:
Eric M. Soroka

Under the direction and delegation of authority from the Mayor, the City Administrator directs and manages the operation of the City, to include management and oversight of all City departments and functions, zoning, and coordination of special projects. Positions is responsible for the implementation of all policy set by the Mayor.

The duties to be performed by the City Administrator shall include, but not be limited to :

  • Serve as the managerial officer of the City, directing all departments and managing the daily operations of the City under the direction of the Mayor.
  • Supervise all project sod the City Departments and report to the Mayor and City Council all updates.
  • Monitor the budget and assist in the yearly presentation and preparation of the operating and capital budget bringing any concerns to the Mayor and City Council.
  • Provides executive direction to Department Heads.
  • Suggest administrative orders providing for the standard operating procedures of municipal government.
  • Involved in the hiring, termination, and discipline of employees.
  • Represent the Administration at meetings of the City Council as required and attend Board Meetings as required.
  • Oversee Zoning Administration/Land Development.
  • Assist Mayor in assuring Ordinances are faithfully executed and up to date.
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Mayor in executive and administrative areas.

The City Administrator is committed to establishing a government structure that is customer focused and driven to respond to citizen requests and concerns.

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