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Agendas and Minutes

Blue Ridge City Council Meeting Rules of Procedure Policy 


Date Meeting Agenda Recap Minutes  Video Supporting Documents
December 20, 2022 Council Meeting           
November 15, 2022 Council Meeting           
October 18, 2022  Council Meeting           
September 20, 2022  Council Meeting           
September 14, 2022 Workshop Meeting  Agenda         
August 16, 2022  Council Meeting  Agenda  Recap   CM1 CM2 Packet 
August 3, 2022  Workshop Meeting  Agenda   Minutes    Packet 
July 19, 2022  Council Meeting  Agenda Recap  Minutes  CM1 CM2 Packet
June 21, 2022  Council Meeting  Agenda Recap Minutes  CM1 CM2 Packet
May 26, 2022  Special Called Meeting  Agenda   Recap Minutes  SC1 SC2 Packet
May 17, 2002 Workshop   Agenda   Minutes   Presentation
May 17, 2022   Council Meeting  Agenda Recap Minutes CM1 CM2 CM3 Packet
May 2, 2022 Joint Meeting with DDA  Agenda Recap Minutes    
May 2, 2022 Joint Meeting with Fannin County  Agenda Recap  Minutes M1 Packet 
 April 19, 2022  Council Meeting Agenda  Recap Minutes CM1 CM2 CM3 Packet
 April 7, 2022 Workshop  Agenda   Minutes    Presentation
 March 15, 2022  Council Meeting  Agenda  Recap Minutes  CM1 CM2   Packet
 March 1, 2022 Workshop   Agenda  Recap Minutes  M1 M2 M3  Public Notice
 February 15, 2022  Council Meeting Agenda  Recap Minutes  CM1CM2CM3  Agenda Packet
 January 26,2022  Special Called Meeting  Agenda   Recap  Minutes  SCM Agenda Packet
 January 18, 2022 Council Meeting   Agenda   Recap  Minutes  CM1CM2CM3CM4 Agenda Packet
Past Agendas and Minutes